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Welcome to Heavenly: Hugh Jackman. This clique is a tribute to the wonderful Australian actor Hugh Jackman, who has gone on to become a huge hit in Hollywood.

It came about primarily because I've been such an enormous fan of Hugh right from day one, back when he was doing television and theatre work in Australia. I wanted to have a site for Hugh, but couldn't afford the time committment a full blown site would need. So one day this clique was born! ;-)

Changing details

If you're already a member of the clique and you need to change your site URL email me, giving your name, your old site URL and your new site URL. I will be randomly checking the members of the clique, and any sites that I no longer have valid URLs for will be removed. (if you move your site without notifying me and I remove you, feel free to rejoin with your new address)


14.07.01: New layout uploaded.

13.07.01: Added 4 new buttons for Eddie, Hugh's character in Someone Like You.

04.07.01: Welcome to our newest member, Paris_Angel!

27.06.01: Added some new link buttons to the codes page.

24.06.01: Added a new member! Welcome, Larina! ;-)

23.06.01: Clique created.